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JSO Veneer Quality Grading System

JSO Wood Products uses a unique veneer grading system that ensures that our customers get the quality of veneer that is required for their particular specifications. The general guidelines* for our grading system are as follows:

“A” grade – This is the lowest grade and would be used for requirements that allow for veneer “defects”. This would be such things as limited pin knots, mineral streaks, gum/bark pockets, worm tracks, vine marks, cross bars, color variation or streaks. This would be the common stocking grade of the general cabinet industry. Sheets are not likely to match in this grade. In burls, this grade would have more “swirl” open grain, with less than 25%-50% tight burl and “tile” sizes are generally less than one foot in length and width. Figured veneers have mild figure and would have substantial breaks (25-50% with figure) and sometimes have a block mottle appearance.

“AA” grade – This grade is best for requirements that need an above-average quality. It would still have a few of the “defects” that are in “A’’ grade. In burl, this would be 50-75% tight burl and a larger “tile” size in the range of 8”-12” in length and width. Sheets are generally close in grain and color. Splices (joints or seams) are wider (less in number) than “A” grade. Figured veneer is medium figure would have some mild breaks in figure (50-75% with figure).

“AAA” grade – This is a “cleaner” grade of veneer with very few “defects”. Sheets are generally in sequence and match in grain and color. In burls, this would be 75-100% tight burl and tiles sizes that are usually 12-16” in length and width. The widest veneer flitches typically are used to allow for fewer splices. Figured veneer is stronger with little or no breaks in figure (75%-100% with figure).

Below grades typically only apply to AIRCRAFT INTERIOR customers:

“AAAA” grade – This is a grade that is mostly used in aircraft interiors as it is of a very high quality. It is the best veneer available in the open market place. In burls, this would be 75-100% tight burl with very little “open” grain and 16”-24” lengths and widths in “tile” size. Sheets here would be in sequence. This would be the grade to use for jobs that need to have the best veneer, but have some budget constraints.

“AAAAA” grade – This is the best of the aircraft grade of veneer. This grade is as close to perfect as wood veneer can possibly be. The widest flitches are used here. In burls, this is almost 100% tight burl and no open grain and “tile” sizes in the 24” length and width range. Sheets here would also be in sequence. This grade is for jobs that require the best of the best, and are not budget-conscious.

*These are general guidelines only and will not apply to every veneer that we process. Wood veneer being a natural product is rarely going to be perfect. Actual processed veneer may vary from the flitch bundle that was used in the sampling process, but generally will be close.

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