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Jet-Ply Aircraft Interior Wood Veneer

Aircraft Veneer

Jet-Ply I, II, & III

Jet-Ply I – This is a 10 mil paper-backed veneer used primarily for edges and tight radiuses. It is not a fire-treated product. This product is capable of passing burn tests with a fire retardant finish additive. It is the thinnest of the three products we offer at .022″ +/- .005″.

Jet-Ply II– This is a fire-treated product. The wood backer is treated in order to assist in passing burn tests. We always recommend a fire-retardant finish additive to provide protection to the “face” or front layer of veneer. This product is pretty flexible (will wrap an 8″ radius on average. It is normally about .040″ +/- .010″. This product is closest in thickness to high pressure plastic laminate for customers who may be replacing laminate with wood. Most of our customers use this product.

Jet-Ply III – This also is a fire-treated product. It has two wood backers that are fire-treated in order to assist in passing burn tests. Again, we always recommend a fire-retardant finish additive for protection of the “face” or front layer of veneer. This is our thickest product at .085″ +/- .010″. This product is rarely requested, but a few customers may still need it for some reason.

Lead times: Our lead times vary according to species, quantities, sizes, and other factors such as customer specifications. We can usually ship within 5-10 working days.
Samples: We generally like to receive sample approval before production. We can provide samples for most any species. Many species are represented on our web site in the Veneer Species Pictures gallery.
Pricing: We offer a price list with the most common species, but some veneers are not listed, but may be available. Prices are offered by grade levels and we offer five levels that re described in detail on the last page of the price list.
FAR Burn tests: Burn tests are the responsibility of our customers since the test must be performed in composite form. Please refer to our insert on the next page for this information.The samples in our sample book are not necessarily “live” samples. Most of this material has been sold previously and these are representative samples of what we can provide today. There are very few species that would not be available.

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